Freelance-SEOIf a company wants to engage in online marketing, search engine optimisation is critical to increase the online presence of that company. Since SEO is a long-term endeavour, it requires an SEO expert to manage everything smoothly. A company can acquire an SEO expert in three ways. Firstly they can hire or train an SEO expert as a company employee, contract an SEO team or hire an SEO freelancer, e.g. – Here are some reasons why your company may choose the last option.

  1. Availability – Compared to finding an SEO team, there are thousands of SEO freelancers available online. Some of them could even be located within the company’s city or town. Just in the job sites alone, thousands of SEO freelancers are looking for employment every day. A single post looking for freelance SEO can generate hundreds of replies from applicants.
  2. Direct contact – Unlike hiring an SEO team where the company will be in contact with the team manager,  an SEO freelancer will report directly to the client to inform them about the progress and results generated from their SEO campaign. Direct contact can minimize communication errors and the client will have real time updates from the freelancer.
  3. Experience – Most SEO teams have SEO experts whom were previously freelancers. In other words, SEO experts gain most of their experience from working as freelancers. A company can easily find experienced freelancers anytime.
  4. Lower rate – Since SEO freelancers work alone, they do not need to share their profits. This allows them to charge their clients a fair price compared to working with a team.
  5. One job at a time – SEO freelancers usually work one job at a time. On the other hand, SEO teams would often have multiple orders at a time which divides their attention and time of their SEO experts.
  6. Professionalism – SEO freelancers value their job and reputation. They always practice professionalism to provide the best service for their clients. They do not share information of their clients nor try to profit from them.
  7. Values result – Results matter with SEO. The quality of the SEO job can only be appraised through the results generated from it. SEO freelancers would work hard to generate the best result for their clients. This is the only way they can continue to increase their reputation as SEO experts and receive continuous orders from loyal clients.

If your company is still deciding between hiring a team or a freelancer, now you have several reasons to hire an SEO freelancer. Just be sure to thoroughly evaluate potential freelancers to get the best freelancer.